Mary Mckillop Day.
We shared the day with St Josephs at Temuka and made beautiful stainglass pictures using black paper and chalks.

Ski and Skate Day
We all learned to either skate or ski. We quickly learned how to stand on skates or skis then how to move on them. It was a beautiful day.

Even though Annie fell she got herself up with the help of her Mum

Bryn slowly needed less and less help from his mum and dad and learned to ski on his own.
Caleb loved to ski.
Amy was a natural and quickly moved from the learners slop to the ski field with her dad.
Samuel was too small to ski but he still had heaps of fun.
Baxter was another star skier.

We made pretty parrot plates to represent the leter p - pretty as a parrot.
We made crocket paths, crocket cats, crocket rat, crocket man and crocket house after learning the poem.
There was a crocket man.

Science Fair
We moved from class to class learning about the chemical and physical properties of materials and how these can change through the process of heating, cooling or mixing.
In Room 1 we made ice cream and glue from milk
In Room 2 we heated corn kernels to make popcorn.
In Room 3 we learn to mix vinegar and baking soda to make an expanding balloon and we also made sherbet.
In Room 4 we mixed ingredients to make slime then we made funny 'snot' pictures with it.